Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) is a building energy rating program that provides information on a building's energy use. Two separate workbooks, one evaluating As Designed potential and the other assessing In Operation performance, form the foundation of bEQ. bEQ rests on ASHRAE methodologies and standards and the experience of qualified practitioners. These characteristics distinguish bEQ and assure owners that they are receiving reliable and consistent results and recommendations.

Recent Updates to bEQ

To allow greater uniformity for building types seeking an In Operation rating, ASHRAE is now using methodology from Standard 100, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings to calculate the rating. Learn more

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For Building Owners:

For Providers:

bEQ Qualified Practitioners

Only select individuals can submit completed workbooks to ASHRAE for review and receive ASHRAE issuance of a building rating.

  • Professional Engineers (PE) licensed in the jurisdiction where the building to be rated is located
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP)
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Assessment Professionals (BEAP)

ASHRAE Certified Professionals hold the unique distinction of being bEQ Certified Providers, denoted by the bEQ Certified Provider logo.

bEQ Case Study

This article, published in the May 2014 issue of ASHRAE Journal, demonstrates the potential benefits and advantages of ASHRAE's bEQ program using four fire stations in Sarasota County, Florida. "Putting bEQ in Practice"

Who developed bEQ?

bEQ is developed by ASHRAE, a not-for-profit organization of engineers and other specialists dedicated to the advancement of building technology for the public’s benefit. A select committee of building design and performance professionals familiar with the Energy Star and European Union labeling programs created the Workbooks and established program criteria. bEQ was further enhanced and validated using ASHRAE’s broad technical resource network consisting of building energy modeling experts, energy assessors and representatives from utilities, government, and the advocacy community.


With over 100 years of experience in building sciences and technology, ASHRAE has a historic focus on developing consensus-based, non-commercial documents and has earned respect and credibility in the building community.


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