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Only certified assessors may register for bEQ, but building owners and assessors may download the bEQ In Operation Workbook at no cost.

Submit bEQ In Operation Workbook

General Instructions:

  • Certified assessors pay bEQ administrative fee upon submission. Pricing and fees
  • Workbook may be submitted as 2003 Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), 2007 Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx), or compressed folder (.zip).
  • During submission, assessors will receive a unique 4-character PIN. This PIN can be used to log-in and upload a corrected bEQ In Operation Workbook if necessary.
  • Be sure to provide valid contact information. You will receive a confirmation email immediately following submission.
  • If submitted forms require clarification or corrections, a member of ASHRAE Staff will contact you.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing of final documentation.
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