Recognition and Promotion

The value of bEQ is that it provides the practitioner with a methodology to be followed and the owner with easily understood and applied Workbooks. When a bEQ qualified practitioner satisfactorily completes the submittal process and a rating is awarded, the owner will receive from the practitioner:


beq workbook
  • Completed bEQ Workbook (either As Designed Workbooks or In Operation Workbook, or both depending upon what the owner has commissioned), including the complete building analyses.
  • bEQ Certificate, for presenting key building performance factors and compliance with disclosure laws. *Note: Sample is a prototype. Actual certificate may vary in design and layout.
  • The bEQ Dashboard, illustrating the level of performance for As Designed and/or In Operation performance. *Note: Sample is a prototype. Actual dashboard may vary in design and layout.
  • Graphic files for bEQ plaques to publicly display the building rating, and show As Designed and In Operation ratings side-by-side for buildings with both ratings.


Technical basis provided by


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