Pricing and fees

There is no cost to download bEQ As Designed and In Operation Workbooks.


The cost to submit a completed bEQ Workbook and receive ASHRAE review and bEQ rating is typically included in the fee for professional services* provided by the ASHRAE Certified BEAP, BEMP or Professional Engineer selected by the owner to perform the bEQ work.


For the qualified practitioner who completes the professional services, the cost to upload either the As Designed Workbook or In Operation Workbook is $500 per building. If both Workbooks for the same building are uploaded, the total cost is $750.


ASHRAE members may submit ratings with no bEQ administrative fee through June 2017. You must be a current ASHRAE member to qualify for this offer. To apply, simply check the "discount program" box highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the page during the submission process.

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The bEQ In Operation fee covers both an initial or baseline submittal, and a second, or follow-up, submittal within 24 months of the first submission. Discounts are applied for building owners who wish to submit multiple buildings for ratings. The submission fee includes ASHRAE review of the Workbook, issuance of rating, certificate and dashboard and guidelines for plaque preparation. For special submissions, contact us at


Plaques may be ordered directly from ASHRAE for an additional fee, or produced independently.


*Fees for complete professional services, which include an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit, are separate from the bEQ fee and will be determined by the qualified practitioner you select. A discounted registration fee is available to a building owner or practitioner who wishes to submit multiple buildings for bEQ. For multiple submissions, contact us at


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