In Operation Assessment

Information on a building energy’s use is the critical first step in making the necessary changes and choices to reduce energy use and costs.


The bEQ In Operation assessment includes an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit and provides building owners with building-specific energy savings measures with estimated costs and payback information that can be used to improve building energy performance. The rating focuses on the building’s metered energy use for the preceding 12 to 18 months.

Steps to Earn a Label

  1. To ensure accuracy, the assessment is performed by an ASHRAE-certified Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) or by a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in the jurisdiction where the project is located. The bEQ Qualified Practioner will contact the building owner/manager and schedule time to conduct a building walk-through.

  2. The bEQ Qualified Practitioner will meet with the building owner, conduct the walk-through and gather (or obtain access to) energy data.
  3. The bEQ Qualified Practioner will complete the bEQ In Operation Workbook, pay the registration fee, and submit to ASHRAE for review and development of the rating materials.

    Submit bEQ In Operation Workbook

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