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Building Energy Quotient
Revised January 14, 2014



I'm a building owner. How can I find someone to conduct a bEQ rating assessment?
Only qualified practitioners can complete bEQ. In Operation assessments must be performed by an ASHRAE certified Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) or a PE licensed in the jurisdiction where the project is located. As Designed evaluations must be conducted by an ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP) or a PE license in the jurisdiction where the project is located.


What is the advantage to a Certified Provider?
ASHRAE's Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) and Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) certification requires that candidates meet eligibility requirements and pass an examination that tests understanding of the needed body of knowledge. Certified Providers have demonstrated they have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct a bEQ rating. Find a professional here.


I'm a building assessor and/or modeler. How do I become ASHRAE-certified?
Steps to obtain a Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) certification can be found here. Steps to obtain a Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) certification can be found here


What's the cost to submit for a rating and what will the owner receive?
The registration fee to receive a bEQ rating is $500. This fee, which typically will be included among the fees charged by the qualified practitioner, covers registration and program administration, will enable the assessor to provide the building owner with:
1. Completed bEQ In Operation Workbook
2. bEQ Certificate
3. bEQ Dashboard
4. Graphic file for preparing a bEQ Plaque for public display showing the designated rating


When is the bEQ registration fee paid?
The registration fee for bEQ is paid by the qualified practitioner when the bEQ workbook is submitted. There is no fee to download Workbooks, but Workbooks are only allowed to be submitted for review by ASHRAE staff after payment of the bEQ registration fee.


Does bEQ registration fee include the professional services fees of the qualified practitioner?
No. The cost of conducting the ratings, including the ASHRAE Level 1 Walk-through Energy Audit for the In Operation rating, or the modeling work for the As Designed rating, is separate and will be determined by you and the qualified practitioner you select.


Can a building owner display the rating?
Yes, an important incentive of the bEQ program is the ability for owners to display their building's rating. For each building registered for bEQ, the owner will receive a graphic file that can be used for creation of a plaque suitable for public display. For an additional fee, owners may purchase a plaque directly from ASHRAE. Learn more


What type of buildings qualify for bEQ labeling?
For a complete list of buildings to which the program applies, please refer to the Median EUI worksheet tab in either of the bEQ Workbooks. If you have questions, contact


I'm a building owner. How much does the complete rating process cost?
This figure is determined wholly by the qualified practitioner and varies generally based on the following factors, including:
1. The size of the building being rated
2. The amount and accuracy of building documentation
3. The time it takes for the qualified practitioner to perform the required work and calculations, and to complete the Workbook(s)
4. The qualified practitioner’s travel time


Is there a discount for submitting more than one building?
Building owners who submit more than one building for bEQ through the same qualified practitioner may earn a discount. Rules apply regarding time frame within which submissions must be made. If you have questions, contact


Does bEQ offer refunds?
Refunds are subject to the following conditions:

  • Refunds are limited to the bEQ registration fee only.
  • Refunds will only be considered if registrants are unable to submit completed bEQ In Operation or As Designed Workbooks and related materials to due to file format or website compatibility issues.
  • Refunds will not be made if registrants disagree with the assigned rating or the review of the submitted rating materials; pertain to the work of the qualified practitioner, the length of time that is required by ASHRAE to process a submission, or failure to put into practice any or all of the recommendations provided by bEQ.
  • Refund consideration for other reasons should be submitted in writing via email to

What if my facility gets an unsatisfactory rating?
Your rating should not be a surprise. The completed bEQ workbook will calculate a preliminary rating, so the qualified practitioner will be able to advise the building owner of the rating that can be expected. That enables an owner to decide prior to submission if they wish to proceed to registration. Regardless, bEQ sets itself apart from other programs by providing relevant, detailed feedback on your building's performance, so if you don't receive what you were expecting, you'll have the feedback necessary for attaining a higher rating should you so choose.


What if I disagree with the rating I receive?
Issues of this nature should be discussed with your qualified practitioner. If you have questions or comments about your rating score after that, contact


Is there an option for new buildings?
The bEQ As Designed rating is applicable for new construction, existing buildings, and in conjunction with the In Operation rating.


Does my rating expire?
No, but the plaque and certificate will include the date that the rating was awarded to your building. As your building ages, the operation, tenancy, and building systems are likely to change. As a result the rating may become inaccurate or even obsolete. ASHRAE recommends reapplying for an In Operation rating every three years and an As Designed rating after major renovations.


I have questions. Who do I contact?

  • Questions about registration should be sent to
  • Questions about the bEQ Workbook forms and instructions, assessment procedures or other technical inquiries should be sent to
  • Questions about web site functionality should be sent to
  • General questions about the bEQ may be sent to
  • Comments from owners or auditors who have completed the process can be sent to
    • There is also a feedback form included in the workbooks that can be included with a building submission.

Can buildings be resubmitted for consideration?
A building may be submitted an unlimited amount of times as often as the building owner and the qualified practitioner see fit. The first resubmittal of an In Operation rating within 24 months of the initial submittal can be made at no charge. This allows a building to get a baseline bEQ assessment prior to making any upgrades or renovations and then conduct a second bEQ assessment and ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit after the completion of those changes. The $500 administration fee must be paid for each additional resubmission after the first. Possible reasons for resubmittal include: the rating is over three years old, the building has undergone major renovations or systems upgrades, or the operations or tenants in the building have changed.


What is included in a bEQ In Operation assessment?
To complete the workbook, the qualified pracititioner will:
1. Review and record 12 consecutive months of metered energy usage as reported in utility bills
2. Observe, measure, and record indoor environmental quality conditions including thermal comfort, lighting quality and ventilation for indoor air quality.
3. Observe and record energy efficiency improvements made to the building.
4. Observe and suggest additional energy savings measures to improve building performance.


What is included in a bEQ As Designed evaluation?
To complete the workbooks, the qualified practitioner will:

  1. Review the building drawings and documentation to verify the as-built conditions
  2. Develop a standardized energy model for the building using inputs for operating and occupancy variables as provided in the workbook instructions.
  3. Document building specific modeling input data for the building

Who reviews the submitted workbook and issues the rating?
A permanent staff structure dedicated to bEQ is necessary to provide exemplary administrative support. Staff members of ASHRAE's Technology department are responsible for reviewing forms and contacting the certified assessor with questions or for corrections. For additional information on staff procedure, contact Lilas Pratt, Manager of Special Projects, at


Where can I find bEQ Terms and Conditions and Complaint Procedures?
The full terms and conditions and complaint procedures can be on the Terms and Conditions tab of the downloadable bEQ In Operation or As Designed Workbooks.


I am scheduled to take the BEAP or BEMP exam next week. How soon can I submit buildings for consideration?
Candidates who take the online exam at test centers are notified whether they have passed the exam right away. Although it may take approximately three weeks to receive your certificate and welcome kit, you can begin submitting buildings for the bEQ immediately after the exam is passed.


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