Download bEQ In Operation Workbook

The downloadable bEQ In Operation Workbook includes all forms required for conducting an ASHRAE bEQ In Operation assessment. Qualified practitioners may complete the bEQ In Operation Workbook and submit it for review.


Download Workbook


Download How-To Guide: This document provides a form by form, graphical presentation of how to use the In Operation workbook. The information includes quick tips and pointers as well as what to watch out for when filling out the worksheets for a submittal.

The bEQ In Operation Workbook

The new list of forms (in the order they appear in the Workbook) is as follows:

  • bEQ Terms and Conditions
  • General Instructions (including definitions)
  • Available Building Types Table
  • FORM 1 - Building Characteristics
  • Photographs - insert photos corresponding with list in Form 1
  • FORM 2 - Energy Calculations for In Operation Rating
  • Multiple Use Building/ Campus Worksheet - enter data used to determine weighted average median EUI
  • Metered Data Worksheet - enter monthly data used to determine building's electricity, natural gas or other energy use
  • FORM 3 - Building Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Screening Information
  • FORM 4 - Suggestions for Additional Energy Savings
  • FORM 5 - Energy End Use Breakdown (Optional)
  • FORM 6 - Water Use (Optional)
  • Additional Notes Page - use for information that won't fit in provided spaces on Forms 1 through 6
Download In Operation Workbook

Have a completed workbook? Submit for ASHRAE issuance of a building rating.


NOTES: Forms are spreadsheets (.xlsx) and require Microsoft Excel® 2007 or later*. Macros must be enabled upon entering the workbook in order for the worksheet forms to work properly. Qualified practitioners are encouraged to download workbooks immediately prior to use to ensure they are working from the most current version (v.7A, August 2015).

Mac users who experience issues following the free download may email

Recent Updates to bEQ

  1. Improved instructions including more specific information on how to determine HDD and CDD
  2. Improved usability including additional pull-down menus for ease of use and elimination of redundant or unnecessary questions
  3. New worksheet and procedures for rating buildings with multiple space types and for rating campuses
  4. New optional worksheet for recording water usage and costs
  5. New tab added for including copies of the required photos (so that they do not need to be uploaded separately)
  6. Metered Data worksheets combined onto a single tab and additional sheets added for other fuels
  7. Updated and easier to use Additional Notes worksheet

ASHRAE uses methodology from Standard 100-2015, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings, to calculate the rating. This methodology allows generation of normalized median EUIs for all building types covered in the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), maintained by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The median EUIs are normalized for operating hours and climate.


*Older versions of Excel may not support the default workbook format. To receive a compatible copy (.xls), contact us at


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