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The downloadable bEQ As Designed Workbook includes all forms required for conducting an ASHRAE bEQ As Designed evaluation. Qualified practitioners may complete the bEQ As Designed Workbook and submit them for review.


Download Workbook

The bEQ As Designed Workbook contains:

The bEQ As Designed Workbook is new as of April 1, 2016. Changes to this workbook include the following:

  1. Eligible building types expanded to cover the same buildings as those covered in the In Operation rating.
  2. Improved instructions and usability including additional pull-down menus for ease of use.
  3. Simplified modeling instructions that utilize standardized modeling inputs and schedules from the COMNET website
  4. All information included in a single workbook (rather than in two separate workbooks).
  5. New worksheet and procedures for rating buildings with multiple space types and for rating campuses


The list of worksheets in the new workbook are as follows:
  • bEQ Terms and Conditions
  • General Instructions
  • Modeling Instructions
  • Building Types Table
  • FORM 1 – Building Characteristics for As Designed Rating
  • Photographs
  • FORM 2 – Energy Calculations for As Designed Rating
  • Multiple Use Building/Campus Worksheet
  • FORM 3 – Modeling Input Data for As Designed Rating
  • FORM 4 – Energy End Use Breakdown
  • Additional Notes Page
  • Attachments

Have a completed workbook? Submit for ASHRAE issuance of a building rating.


Forms are spreadsheets (.xlsx) and require Microsoft Excel® 2003 or later. Macros must be enabled upon entering the workbook in order for the worksheet forms to work properly. Qualified practitioners are encouraged to download the workbook immediately prior to use to ensure they are working from the most current version (Ver2-Final).


Mac users who experience issues following the free download may email



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