Building Energy Labeling

ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit

The ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit contained in bEQ’s In Operation Workbook delivers analysis unavailable in other building labeling programs. These methodology and calculation procedures have been determined by building energy use experts to yield the most reliable and actionable results. They include:

  • A Preliminary Energy-Use Analysis (PEA), including a review of monthly utility bills, utility rates classes, and peak energy demand.
  • A space function analysis and energy end use summary.
  • Identification of low-cost/no-cost facility or operations and maintenance procedural changes and their approximate savings.
  • A summary of special problems or needs, including possible operations and maintenance procedural revisions, as well as recommended potential capital improvements and their estimated costs and savings.

    —Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits Second Edition

procedures for commercial building energy audits

The bEQ In Operation assessment also covers peak demand reduction and demand management opportunities, energy use from on-site renewable, and spot measurements related to indoor environmental quality.


The bEQ In Operation Workbook provides all the measurements taken for the audit, and the bEQ Certificate and bEQ Dashboard summarize the workbook's information that owners can use to improve energy efficiency. The bEQ Certificate can also be used by owners to comply with disclosure laws.


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