As Designed Evaluation

The As Designed rating uses an energy model with standardized inputs as compared to a baseline median EUI to evaluate a building’s potential energy use independent of operational and occupancy variables.


Since the resulting energy rating compares a building under a standardized set of operating assumptions, it's a useful tool for owners who want to compare different buildings without including effects of the current occupants, as well as for operators to know whether they are achieving the full designed potential for a particular building.

Steps to Earn a Rating

  1. To receive an As Designed rating, a standardized energy model must be performed by an ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) or by a professional engineer licensed in the jurisdiction where the project is located. The bEQ Qualified Practitioner will contact the building owner/manager and schedule time to conduct a building walk-through.

  2. The bEQ Qualified Practitioner will meet with the building owner and conduct the walkthrough to verify the as-built conditions of the building.

  3. The bEQ Qualified Practitioner will develop the standardized energy model for the building and complete the As Designed Workbook, pay the registration fee, and submit to ASHRAE for review and development of the rating materials.

    Submit bEQ As Designed Workbook

  4. ASHRAE will produce the rating and transmit materials to the service provider who will share them with the building owner.



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